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04.12.11 [kpoplive] Actress Ko Hyunjung Makes Soap Opera Earning Record (*Rain Mentioned)

Ko Hyungjung was paid W55 (US$1=W1,085) million each episode of SBS TV drama “President” that was aired last year, setting a new record for Korean actress. The last record belonged to Choi Jiwoo with W48 million each episode of “Star’s Lover” in 2008.

From industry sources, Ko gets W1.3 billion for the entire series of “President” with extra pay for outdoor scenes. Ko was paid W35 million per episode from “H.I.T” on MBC in 2007.

The W55 million Ko is getting is three times of W15 million each episode set by Corea Drama Production in 2007. CODA had left 13 so-called Korean Wave stars because their shows were so successful overseas as to justify an extra incentive. The 13 stars were Bae Yongjoon, Jang Donggun, Lee Byunghun, Song Seunghun, Rain, Jung Woosung,Kwon Sangwoo, Won Bin, So Jisub, Choi Jiwoo, Lee Youngae, Song Hyekyo and Park Yongha. Ko did not fall under the category.

There are complaints about stars being paid too much, making producers to decide for safe formulas and spare on other expenses. From reports in 2008, Song Seunghun received W70 million per episode from “East of Eden“, and Kwon Sangwoo with Park Shinyang received W50 million each episode from “Bad Love” and “The Painter of Wind“. The main record is own by Bar Yongjoon with W250 million per episode of “Taewangsasingi (The Four Guardian Gods of the King)” on MBC, with extra pay based on ratings and overseas sales.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Written by: kpop_ai@KpopLive.com

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