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04.14.11 [Eng Trans] Rain signature on Red Muffler Pic

한류 스타 “비” 의 싸인 이 들어간 사진. 오늘 영화 “레드 머플러” 에서 공군 정복 을 입은 비의 사진 이 공개 되었죠? 그래서 저도 이제 서야 올립니다. 제 이름 은 살짝 비행기 로 가리 고오 ~ ^ ^ 톰크루스주연 “탑건” 이후 최고 의 영화 가 되길 기대해봅 니다. 화이팅 ~

“This is Hallyu star Rain’s picture signed by his autograph.

His picture showing him wearing the uniform of an air-force officer in movie ‘Red Muffler’, has been released today, right? So, this picture is now on the site.

My face has slightly been covered with the small plane seen in the picture~^^

I expect it will be the best movie since Tom Cruise’s Top Gun..Fighting~”

Credit to http://twitpic.com/4kbcmc

English translation by rain bird.

One response to “04.14.11 [Eng Trans] Rain signature on Red Muffler Pic

  1. raingal April 15, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Thanks so much for the translation. I really appreaciate it.

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