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04.15.11 [channelnewsasia] Rain Looks Forward To National Service, Confident Of Retaining Superstar Status

SHANGHAI: Korean singer-actor Rain revealed that he was not worried about losing his popularity after he enlists for National Service in Korea, during an appearance at a publicity event in Shanghai on Tuesday.

“Two years will pass by quickly. I believe after two years (of National Service), my fans will continue to support me.

“These two years are very important and meaningful to me. I will enjoy these two years in the armed forces and make myself stronger,” said 28-year-old Rain who will have to serve his National Service obligations this year.

Rain received notice to enlist last year but successfully deferred his enlistment to the end of this year.

South Korean men are required by law to serve for 21 months in the armed forces and must enlist before they turn 30.

With the clock ticking, it is no wonder the Asian superstar is making the most of it – Rain is currently shooting his last film before enlisting, the war film “Red Scarf” where he plays a fighter pilot, and will embark on a concert tour during gaps in the filming.

His concert tour will see him perform in Beijing, Thailand as well as in Singapore on May 22.

It had been nine years since he made his showbiz debut and Rain is working harder than ever.

However, the “Full House” star hopes to take things slow in his 30s.

“I worked very hard in my 20s. I hope after I turn 30, I can have some time to myself and enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, do things I want to do,” said Rain.

He also expressed that he would not rule out getting married and starting a family if he met the right girl, lamenting that “the right lady hasn’t appeared yet”.

If the right person came along, he would not hide their relationship like some stars but will instead go public with it.

“Actually, I tried it before. Evading the media is a very hard thing to do.

“It is better to let everyone openly photograph you than have people secretly take ugly photos of you,” said Rain.

Credit : channelnewsasia.com

One response to “04.15.11 [channelnewsasia] Rain Looks Forward To National Service, Confident Of Retaining Superstar Status

  1. miranti April 15, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    ya no need to hide Bi if you like and want to marry her, just face it and share yr happiness , we still support you

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