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04.23.11 [Clip] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 4 (*Updated With Eng Trans)

Credit: jackjihoon@YouTube

Rain story #4


” I think my performance has always been going on one-sidedly.

So I’m trying something new.

Are there any couple who belongs together around here ?

Please kiss whenever I sing ‘I Do’, OK? ”

(Somebody says “I can’t bear to see them kissing ! “)

Hyung, if no one appear on stage on the day, any of you should do so.


” Please deeply kiss each other on your lips whenever I sing ‘I Do’ ”

” Are you ready? Well, let’s try that. ”


Please keep playing the music while I’m talking to them.


” Until now, it was a very nice couple.

Thank you for coming out. Good-bye.”

Please prepare a gift for the couple.


” It’s time to be with you.”

Some props are needed.

” I’ll invite a fan onstage to sing for her.”

Can I get a high chair for the fan?

” Who shall I pick? ”

Let me suppose that she is on stage.


“What’s your favorite song?”

“Let me sing this song for her.”


“Thank you for coming out, and please go down the stage since you’ve received many gifts. Hurry up !”


“Two fourth of the show has finished. Let me sing my favorite song this time.

This is a love song.”

Please make a preparation to sing it.


Please install a stand mike in front of the stage.


“An eventful year is drawing to a close, but I think I am fortunate that my drama was completed well, and I missed you.”


That’s not a protruding stage, is it?


I hope the compass of my mike keeps up.


Please remember what I’m supposed to keep mentioning.


Please don’t take up the main yet.


“Do you happen to know this song?”


Please start the music soon after I mention.

Credit :  happyyyrain (Torrent) // ratoka @YT

Brief translation by rain bird.

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