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04.28.11 [KBS] Rain: ‘I Am Encouraged by being Included in ‘Time 100’ Again’

Rain was listed in the “Time 100” for the second time, and he said during an interview, “I want to meet US president Obama at the ‘Time 100’ ceremony,” and “I will join the army at the end of this year and I want to engage in a contest as an actor in the US after finishing my military obligation.”

Actor and singer Rain (real name Jeong Ji Hoon, 29) expressed his feelings, saying, “I come to have new hope as I have been selected to the list for the ‘TIME 100’ after a five year-break, and I have obtained energy to hold activities in the USA confidently as a person from an Asian country.” Rain was included on the final list of the “Time 100,” where Time magazine selects the “world’s most influential 100 people,” and it was for the first time for Asian stars to be included twice on the list. During the interview with Yonhap News through the phone on April 24, he proudly said, “I can see the possibility that the first runner of the Asian region can also be the first runner of the whole world.” He had also ranked atop the online poll that “Time 100” conducted by earning almost 406,000 votes. He left to New York on April 24 to participate in the celebration party for the “TIME 100” which will be held on April 26. He said, “I want to meet the US president Barack Obama, who was also selected to the ‘Time 100,’ and want to talk to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.”

Following are the questions and answers with Rain.

Q: You must be very encouraged as you were selected in the “Time 100” again after five years since you had advanced to the US. How do you feel?

A: In 2006 when I was first included on the list, I could not believe it and I just thought that I was very lucky. People also might have thought that I was just lucky. But this time, I am very happy and it is very glorious for our family. I think that I might been selected again maybe because I had been awarded at last year’s ‘MTV Movie Awards’ in the US with my Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin,’ which was released in 2009, by playing the protagonist and I ranked atop the online poll for the ‘Time 100.’ I can have a new hope as I have been selected to the “Time 100” after five years and I am very much encouraged to hold activities proudly in the US as a person from an Asian country.

Q: What do you think about the final list of the “Time 100?”

A: As the IT industry has been developed greatly all around the world, people can actively exchange information. Western counties were at the center of culture in the past, but now Asian culture is getting popularity in Europe and even in South America as the contents made in Asian countries can be easily introduced through the Internet. Korean cultural content is some of the best among that made in the Asian region. Asian people make half of the world’s population and people in western countries have also come to enjoy Asian culture very much, so I can see the possibility that the first runner of Asia can be the first runner of the world. I think that the list of this “Time 100” reflected the current situation. I hope that no more people think that the first ranking in the US market means the best in the world market.

Q: It was an accident that you met the famous Hollywood movie director Jerry Bruckheimer at the party celebrating “Time 100” in 2006. Which celebrity do you want to meet this time?

A: I want to meet the US president Barack Obama and I want to talk about music with Justin Bieber. I had been very nervous when I attended the party in 2006, but this time, I want to more actively participate in conversation with other people. I was seated at the same table with director Jerry Bruckheimer, but I could barely recognize him because I was really tense. He was curious about me and my previous activities and asked me whether I would like to advance to the US as an actor. Since then, I could film Hollywood movies, so I have a lot of anticipation about whom I can meet at the party and what kind of relationship I can form.

Q: Are you filming the movie “Fly Up (working title)?”

A: I used to choose the works to appear in when I liked the characters in the works, but this time, I chose this movie as the harmony between the script and character seemed to be very attractive. I finished filming almost 40 percent and it will be completed at the beginning of August. Major computer graphic works such as making an explosion scene remain. The time of the movie is the present and I will play a pilot in the movie. The basic storyline is that North Korea tries to attack South Korea with nuclear weapon and the air force tries to deter North Korea from provoking a war and keep the peace in the Korea. It seems to be a war movie, but actually it will deliver a message of humanism. We had a hard time from the firing of artillery by North Korea against Yeonpyeongdo, and I think that we might be able to release our emotions against North Korea and have a better understanding about soldiers through this movie. The movie will be released around next year’s New Year’s Day and people from every generation can enjoy this movie.

Q: Is it true that you will join the army just like the character that you are playing in the movie?

A: Yes, I will join the army at the end of this year because the air force has an age limitation (laugh). I felt sorry when I had recently

Source : http://english.kbs.co.kr/Enterta … ?page=1&No=7766

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