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04.30.11 [Info] Dear Editor: TIME 100 Readers Speak (Rain Mentioned)

*For the disappointment we had against TIME and their publishing ‘methods’ over the 100 poll recently, numerous people spoke up and one of those letters was actually published. The writer himself may not be an actual Rain fan, so the fact that his opinion was voiced and published is an even bigger deal. Thanks to our follower riannejade for tweeting this! ^ ^

Source: TIME Magazine

2 responses to “04.30.11 [Info] Dear Editor: TIME 100 Readers Speak (Rain Mentioned)

  1. busybee1982 May 1, 2011 at 1:35 am

    well to be painfully honest….i bought the Time 100 mag. and won’t again. what i noticed was the bias of this mag. and what appeared to me to be a big promo for jb. i mean honestly he was 168 on the list and only had 11+K votes, yet this mag really was all about him (center fold) among all the others on the list and little blups throughout. i also noticed that Cartier, Honda and KoreanAir, all affliated with Rain, took out full page ads. and then the mag gave Rain a 54 word of “nothing”. “his role in Ninja Assassin” (wouldn’t even acknowledge that he was the star of the film). major injustice to him, those companies, his country and his fans.

  2. kongsao May 1, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    i the fact that they should never and ever wrtite-up of bias over rain poplaur as he well known in Asia wilde but USA could thrust one bit thing about him it totally pisses me off and i am not going to buy any more that mag they need to get the job righ serious i am sad and mad about time AND I COULD BELIVE what i read out from that mag talking someone who so talen but all his effort and grow all his fan around the world give such an vurious entertinment been so many award and SOLO award ect.. a real true pick of ambassdor all that what for this TIME and yet MTv as well they need to set in offical offiice and straight their wrod before the post anything on news and mag this is republic and it spreak HELLO

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