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05.02.11 [Eng Trans] Rain interview @ SBS Good Morning – Time 100

Rain picked as one of this year’s 100 most influential people in the world by U.S. weekly magazine ‘Time’


Rain : Hi, everyone. This is Rain..Can you come with me to the Time 100 gala party through my self camera?


Leaving for New York to attend the party, Rain was accompanied by us via his self camera.


Rain : This is on the flight to New York.

Now as all the rest of them sleep, I’m staying up, so it’s rather embarrassing..

I’ll see you back in New York..

Thank you..


He finally arrived in New York 14 hours after leaving the airport of Incheon.

A welcoming rain was coming down from the sky when he arrived there.


Rain : I’m really glad to be here again after all these years.


Rain has ranked first on the 2011 Time online poll, beating out the American President and the First Lady, singer Beyonce and so on and then been included in the top 100 most influential people in the world twice since 2006.


Rain : It’s a big day for me.

It makes me feel good and excited to meet the world’s celebrities including famous artists.


Q : Before attending the Time 100 event, what do you feel like now?

Rain : I’m really looking forward to it. Why don’t you accompany me?


Q : How do you feel after being selected as one of the Time 100 final list?

Rain : I’m very nervous to ride in a limousine again after all these years.

I’m really glad to see many people, and I think I’ve been picked as the final list, thanks to my fans.


Q : Who do you want to meet the most at the event?

Rain : I’d like to be photographed with U.S. President ‘Barack Obama’ and then hang the picture on a wall in my living room, this is my goal now.


The Time red carpet was held in front of the Time Warner Building in New York on 16 April. As he appeared and walked on the red carpet, fans cheered by screaming his name and countless cameras flashed.


Q : How do you fee nowl?

Rain : Even if I’ve been here twice, I’m so nervous by the thought of meeting the people of eminence and distinction.


Zillions of reporters gathered at the red capet and competed to cover the event, calling his name.


Rain : I will be back soon.,bye..


Rain released two different images via his Twitter on this day : one containing the world’s famous singer ‘Sting’ and him, and the other artist ‘Bruno Mars’ and him.


Q : How was the party atmosphere?

Rain : It was more interesting than the last one.

I was photographed with ‘Sting’ and ‘Bruno Mars’, respectively.

Contrary to expectations, the first lady didn’t come, but I enjoyed the dinner very much and spent meaningful time with the people, and heard Sting sing.


Rain going back to the hotel with a heart which still leaps up.


Rain : It’s not be the last time.


Q : If you ever have another chance to be selected as one of the Time 100 final list?

Rain : If so, my second goal is to sing on its stage (after the first : being selected as one of the final list)


Last Thursday, April 28, Rain returned with glory amidst hearty cheers.


Q : What’s next for you?

Rain : I’ve been filming a movie, and after filming is completed, I plan to lead an active life as a singer or an actor before entering the military at the end of this year.


Rain who has elevated the status of South Korea in the world.

Hope to see more of his work in the future.

Credit : DC // ratoka @ YT

English translation by rain bird.

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