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05.06.11 [Clip] Ent. Station News–Gangnam-gu Honorary Ambassador Presentation (Eng Trans)


Rain who lets the entire world know the cities of Korea.


A presentation entrusting him with a post as an honorary ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam district, was held at Gangnam-gu office on the morning of the 4th.


Rain visited the office and shook hands with the officials, showing his friendly manner.


MC : Now we’re going to start a presentation entrusting Rain with a post as an honorary ambassador for Gangnam district. This is your first visit to Gangnam-gu office, isn’t it?

Rain : No, of course not. I’ve often visited here to renew my passport .


Rain receiving a plaque to mark the appointment from the head of Gangnam-gu.


Rain : Being a post as an honorary ambassador for Gangnam-gu, is a great honor because I’m proud to let the world know Gangnam-gu, as one of habitants of the district.

And, thank the head of Gangnam-gu for giving me dispensation to go up the stairs to the third floor. If I have chances to visit here again, I’ll try to go up the stairs to the third floor to say hello to the head, not being only on the first floor.


After looking around each of the departments, Rain had a conversation with the officials.


The head of Gangnam-gu : We are so proud that this is the second time since 2006 that Rain has been picked as TIME’s top 100 most influential people in the world.


Rain has recently enhanced national prestige, being the first Asian and Korean star to be picked twice as TIME’s top 100 most influential people in the world.


Q : Do you have any plan for promoting this district?

Rain : I’m planning to help organize Gangnam-gu’s first festival, I’ll tell you further details later on.


Rain has currently been filming a movie, but there are also many people looking forward to his singing career.


As his fans, each of them was posing for a picture with him.


Rain nodding courteously to reporters and officials before leaving.

World star Rain letting the world know Korea.

Hope to see more of his work in the future.

source : ETN // Cap by ratoka @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ExUkx0K9LA

Englsih translation by rain bird.

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