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05.07.11 [Clip] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 6 (*Updated With Eng Trans)

Reposted by ratoka


Rain : Let me introduce a wonderful couple today.


Rain : Hyung! Images are appearing clearly? (OK)

How about the LED? Is everything unfolding in a very natural way?


Rain : When I say, “Where is this man?”, please let his image shown on the screen…

Now let me invite the man to come on stage.


Rain : Which direction is he going on stage from?

The man who always gives answers to his girl friend in monosyllables, is coming on stage with her.


Rain : Please kiss each other whenever the word ‘I Do’ comes out while I sing my song.


Rain : Are you ready? Please play the music.


Rain : This time, let me invite a female fan to come on stage, who will be chosen through the images to be captured by a camera.


Rain : I‘m lifting my camera and pulling female audiences into focus. By the way, It doesn’t work.


Rain : Supposing I chose one female audience.


Rain : Have a seat, please.


Rain : I’m going to begin a date which is just between ourselves.


Rain : I think it would be better to just carry it.


Rain : Thank you for coming out, and here’s something for you.


Rain : Just a moment, hyung! Coming out from below would be better.


Rain : I’ll sing a song suitable for the atmosphere this time.


Rain : Step!! step!! scream!! step!! step!! Your voices are too small!


Rain : Yunkyung! (stylist), confirm that I’m supposed to change my clothes by this time. Where are you? Yunkyung!


Rain : Please use a sound effect in this part. Eureka!


Rain : At this point, you shouldn’t have to come out.


Rain : Please come out after me. Come out..come out..


Rain : I’ve always been dissatisfied with what I play alone. Please hold your hands up! Let’s dance together. Right hand, left hand..once again..

Left hand, right hand, left hand, left hand. Once again.

Let’s make some progress in dancing this time.

Twice to the left, twice to the right, twice to the left, and then scream. Once again.


Rain : This time, lets’ try more quickly.

Credit to :rainsnow //happyyyrain torrent // ratoka

English translation by rain bird.

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