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05.17.11 [MCMWorldwide] The Dresden Music Festival Is Starting Tomorrow

source : http://blog.mcmworldwide.com/view/?page=266

MCM exclusive Cello case17-05-2011

Tomorrow marks the opening of the Dresden Music Festival in Germany and we have designed a case exclusively made to house Artistic Director’s Jan Vogler’s “Ex-Hekking”, built by Domenico Montagnana in 1721.Domenico Montagnana is one of the finest cello and violin makers of the 18th century, but his cellos are particularly sought after by musicians and orchestras. Authentic Montagnana made instruments sell for millions of dollars. One of the most popular models is the Montagnana, slightly wider and shorter than the Stradivarius’ cello. This gives the instrument a broad, dark sound that projects evenly and warmly. It is best suited for Chamber music and Quartets as it doesn’t overshadow the other players, despite its booming bass.

This year’s festival, held between May 18 and June 5, is themed East-meets-West and is being sponsored by MCM as part of the brand’s cultural support for the arts. The programme will include a world premiere of a joint performance featuring classical virtuoso Jan Vogler and South Korean pop star Rain on 19th May, when the stunning case will be unveiled to the world.

The design of the cello case is being overseen by MCM’s most experienced designers and handmade by its artisans, bringing together the themes of the power of music and its magical impact on human hearts. The painstakingly detailed stitching process for the exclusive MCM Cognac Visetos leather case is being showcased in a video, underscoring the luxury heritage brand’s commitment to superb craftsmanship in its 35th anniversary year.

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