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05.18.11 [Clip] Rain 해찬들 Haechandle New CF (21 sec)

Anchorwoman : 

Recently, unbelievable news has been heard.

The rumors of Rain’s romance with ‘Shin Bong Seon’ (gag woman) are on everybody’s lips. 

His fans are very shocked in a state of panic.

I’m going to connect with the reporter who covered that to get the details.

인생은 맵다 – Life is spicy

Rain : (No, it’s impossible. It can’t be. I’m not seeing this !)

그래도 맛있다 – No matter what they say, it’s just yummy. 

Since it’s made from sun-dried red pepper, it’s tasty and spicy.

해찬들 고추장 (Haechandle red pepper paste) which has gone to number one over four consecutive years 

Haechandle which runs on the timetable of nature.

English translation by rain bird.
Credit : ratoka @ Youtube

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