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05.19.11 [German News] Candy-Pop Meets Classical (Rain Mentioned)

Candy-pop meets classical

By Martin Morgan

**riannejade used a translator tool for this article, so keep in mind that some of the content might be off**
Screech at the Semper Opera: If Rain with one of the superstars in Asia traveling to the Music Festival, a concert is an adventure.

Rows of Asia-Stars come to the Dresden Music Festival: Jung Ji-hoon alias Rain, the pop hero in South Korea comes together … Photos: PR
In sz-online

It is a sunny weekend in March. Nearly twenty thousand music fans from around the country, but also from Malaysia, have made Japan put up for the weekend in Beijing. The Saxon State Orchestra plays there for the second time in Titan’s concert hall near the Square of Heavenly Peace. Max Bruch and Tchaikovsky are on the program. But that’s not the reason. The fans want the basketball stadium, that is since January Mastercard Arena. Rain will occur there.

Rain? Who? On the “Time 100” list of the most influential 100 people of this planet, he is this year’s 55th place, ahead of Barack Obama, Sting and Lionel Messi. But in Europe, the young South Koreans is completely unknown. When he about to cover the festival, because here comes the film “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK” is running in which he plays a crazy kleptomaniac, he is just one among many Asian guests. Rain on his website has published photos from those days: “In Belrin” (he says Berlin), he sits grinning at the Sony Center. Nobody cares, nobody knows him.

In Asia, Jung Ji-hoon, who called for eight years, Rain, a superstar, the superstar. He played in popular soap operas and took over the lead role last year in an American movie. He created a fashion line, oh and the list of “Most Beautiful People in the World” he also stood. And let’s not forget the music. In 2002 he made his debut with the album “Bad Guy”. Three years later completed his tour of theaters in eight cities in Korea, China and Japan. Alone in Tokyo, the concert was sold out in 30 seconds. Screaming South Korean teenage girls make in his videos for the right atmosphere, while a Rain with flat cap and bare-chested swinging his arms, hyper-articulated is in the balancing act and yet – at least for old European ears – quite confused after ninety-year-mishmash electro-hop mix sounds. But during our one on target groups designed hostilities à la Brave New World “thinks Rains disciples on Youtube ever give dance classes for his most popular choreography. The future is that?

Jan Vogler has met Rain 2010th When he visited with then-President South Korea, he was aware of him, he says. Last year he met him again in Shanghai, played him on his cello – and invited Rain to appear in Dresden, at a music festival. Rain said – and will end on 19 May at the Semper Opera debut in Germany are given.

One that is presented in America as a “new Justin Timberlake” and the Dresden Music Festival as “Michael Jackson of Asia” announced in the Semper Opera? Actually, this is a typical Vogler-Jan-story building bridges between cultures, styles, and between generations. “The concert will be a very nice adventure,” says the director. “Our two music styles are very present in itself, but also on stage. And the audience will meet people who have never been together at a concert. ”

Rains apart from concert that sold out virtually immediately, in Asia focus of the music festival year of 2011 programmatically already a small risk. Of course this year are again experiencing European artists of distinction. The Berlin Philharmonic will perform Mahler’s “Sixth”, Christian Tetzlaff will play Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas and Arcadi Volodos Schubert and Liszt. But next will occur Ray Chen, a Taiwanese violinist who grew up in Australia, which stretches its program of Johann Sebastian Bach and Giuseppe Tartini, to original compositions.

Wu Wei, the Chinese mouth organ players will be there. The pianist Haochen Zhang, Ran Jia and Yu Kosuge. The Japanese cellist Dai Miyata. Or Ye-Eun Choi, South Korea, the young violinist. In 2007, she has been in Dresden – who remembers their name, can still remember what they played and how? The program is therefore also a test of courage for the festival and its audience. Or we say, a gentle challenge.

We must now do not quote the same eighty million young Chinese who take piano lessons at the moment, but it is clear: in Asia, does something in terms of Western European culture.

And we Europeans should be better have a look at it, says Vogler. “Asian artists will present us in the future, many trends and tendencies, also in classical music.” So are the music festivals this year, the platform for historical encounters: young meets old master. Europe meets Asia. And classical meets pop.

What: Dresden Music Festival 18th May to 5 June
Who: Rain & Vogler
When: 19th May, 21 Clock
Where: Semper Opera, Dresden

2 responses to “05.19.11 [German News] Candy-Pop Meets Classical (Rain Mentioned)

  1. LauryUchiha May 20, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Hey ^^
    I just read the article and the translation is awful… 😉
    By coincidence I got the same article at my hotel right here in Dresden
    I´m german, so I could translate the whole thing while on my way back home to Munich and then you can post it here again, so people are able to read and understand.
    Just offering though ^^

    Great job on this blog by the way. I´ve been stalking you guys since I found you. No matter what there is to know about Rain, I always get the news here. Thanks you so much for this wonderful blog ^.^

    Love, LauryUchiha

    • dsl99a May 20, 2011 at 2:50 pm

      Thank you Laury…that’s why we noted that a translation tool was used. Desperate times mean desperate measures! 😉 If you could translate it, that would be AWESOME! Thanks so much for offering to do so. We are so happy for all of you German Clouds and for your experiences with Rain. Seems like he came and conquered! ❤

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