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05.22.11 [Article] Dresden Music Festival 2011: Asian Pop Meets European Classic

english translation:

Dresdner Morgenpost – 21.05.2011 – S.17 – J.S.

Dresden Music Festival 2011: Asian Pop Meets European Classic

Scream Alert at Sempers

Dresden – A new experience in the solemn Semperoper: not a quiet devotion while expecting a musical experience, but a heated up emotional atmosphere reigned Thursday night, when the artful meeting of the chief director of the music festival Jan Vogler on the cello and the “South Korean King Of Pop” (“TIME Magazine”) Rain, took place. With his appearance a scream alert was scheduled.

It was his first stage performance in Europe – a sensation, not only for his fans. There were visitors from 25 countries, families were travelling from Japan, Korea and China. Teenies in Party-Chic, equipped with colorful light sticks, never-ending clicking cell phone cameras and plushies were part of the scenery. To every teasing dance move, every wink of the idol, hysterical screams were not far away. Some ladies in evening gowns must have felt being out of place.

What was laid out as bridge building on stage was more a collision of two incompatible worlds. Jan Vogler was playing – based on the music festival theme “Five Elements” (“Fünf Elemente”) – five Bach-suites, which were accompanied by video recordings on the screen, displaying the elements earth, fire, water, air and spirituality to the sounds/tunes. A lot of applause for a splendid solo.

But a hurricane bursted out when Rain and his dancers stepped on stage: screams, light projection/projecting and pumping bass beats coming out of the boxes turned the Semperoper into a big club. In the concluding interaction of both stars, Vogler had a little chance to hold his ground: with soulful intros to Rains crashing hits. The rest was going down in uproar/noisiness.

In the end it was still a bridge building. One has perceived each other. And because Rain’s European Debut was not being held without camera teams, it will be not the last time Dresden will be noticed.

Credits to “Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten”
scans by Makino @ re[mark]able
free translation by tiramixu & the remarkable team
Please take out with full credits!

2 responses to “05.22.11 [Article] Dresden Music Festival 2011: Asian Pop Meets European Classic

  1. nair1 May 22, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    era fantastico ver a la opera tan fina y solemne de dresden !! tan rica en historia y cultura , ver y oir dos culturas totalmente distintas !! gente (fina culta ) el publico expresivo y alegre de las fans de rain !! gente que fue de toda europa y asi a verlo , que saco su entrada el año pasado !!!solo para ver a rain !! un idolo que mueve multitudes de nubes !! sus fans !!!!! un saludo desde uruguay (america de sur ) un lugar de latinoamerica que espera ver algun dia a esta gran artista asiatico !! gracias

  2. busybee1982 May 23, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    kudos to Jan Volger for his insight and intent to bridge these two cultures.

    as he tweeted to Rain after the event….BRAVO! ( i say to both of them).

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