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05.31.11 [Pics] Rain & Kitty Yang backstage @ concert in Guangzhou

Kitty is the former Phoenix TV show host & has met Rain @ “The Best” concert twice

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05.31.11 [Pics] Rain Lotte DFS June Wallpapers

05.31.11 [Pic] Rain @ Twitter

05.28.11 [Pic] Rain At Swimming Pool In Hotel In Guangzhou

05.29.11 [Pics] Rain’s Departure For Korea At Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

05.29.11 [Pic] Rain backstage @ Guangzhou concert

05.29.11 [Pic] Rain @ Twitter

05.29.11 [Pics] More of Rain @ the hotel pool in Guangzhou

05.28.11 [Pic] Rain @ hotel pool in China

05.27.11 [Pics] More of Rain At MCM Opening Event In Hong Kong

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