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05.31.11 [Pics] Rain Lotte DFS June Wallpapers

05.27.11 [Pics] More of Rain At MCM Opening Event In Hong Kong

05.27.11 [Pics] Rain At MCM Opening Event In Hong Kong

05.26.11 [New] Rain MCM Pics

05.23.11 [Pic] Rain’s Mentholatum Ad On Bus In China

05.20.11 [Pic] Rain MCM Dresden Music Festival

MCM이 후원하는 2011 ‘독일 드레스덴 뮤직 페스티벌’, 지난 19일 독일이 낳은 세계적인 첼리스트 얀 포글러(Jan Vogler)와 월드스타 비(Rain)가 만나 역사적인 협연을 선보였습니다.

source : http://twitpic.com/4zzi2a

05.17.11 [Pic] MCM Korea May Event

05.04.11 [Pics] Rain Filming A CF In Pangyo Today

05.03.11 [Pics] Nature Republic Posters At Mall In Penang, Malaysia

*My parents in Malaysia visited Penang over the weekend and bumped across a Nature Republic store at one of the malls there. They snapped these pictures for all of us in mind! Hehe…

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05.01.11 [Scan Pics] Rain Mentholatum For Men

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