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05.21.11 [Pics] Rain In Dresden German Newspapers

05.23.11 [Newspapers] Rain ‘The Best’ Concert in Singapore

credit: huda@rainlegend

05.22.11 [remarkable] Rain & Vogler – Dresdner Musikfestspiele

english translation:

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten – 21./22.05.2011 – S.10 – Stephan Wiegand

Within One’s Reach

Cultural meeting in the opera. Rain is the popular description of the fifth element.

It’s not obvious at the first sight how Rain influences the occidental High Culture. The Korean Star seems easygoing relaxed amused and plays with his talent. A glance beyond his facade is absolutely impossible; even in the opera, a place for high culture , the auditorium has to search vainly for seriousness. The 29 years old singer, actor and pop star with excellent love of entertainment was flirting constantly with his audience: With his numerous Asian fans, who were confident with every single line of his lyrics, and with critical visitors of the opera. Everyone who wanted to get involved with it, fell for his charm. That was also the self-feeding contrast program, a glance to Asia, a walk on a golden bridge, which the artistic director of the ‘Musikfestspiele’ (music festival) Jan Vogler intended and who enjoyed every single moment of this amusing mass migration.

Approaches like ‘Pop Meets Classic’ has been strained repeatedly in the past few years. In most cases the singer used to buy the suitable famous orchestra for this kind of variety, the musicians took over the part of the side decoration. An attraction, which is meanwhile predictable and does not surprise anymore. A symbiosis of Rain and Vogler is from its approach a completely different one. In this case a cellist discovered ‘the pop culture’ for himself and is furthermore careful enough not to leave behind any individuality.

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05.20.11 [pic] Pop trifft Klassik bei den Musikfestspielen

05.18.11 [Scan] Rain @ Sun Newspaper

05.18.11 [Scan] Rain @ Liberty Times Newspaper

05.18.11 [Scans] Rain @ China Times Newspaper

04.23.11 [Pic] Rain @ Time 100 Magazine

04.18.11 [Pic] Rain in Malaysia Newspaper

Rain in Malaysia’s newspaper (17/04/2011)

Translate= Rain’s Cheerful Malaysia F1 Circuit.

credit: rukiaichigo
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