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05.19.11 [HQ Fan Pics] Rain & Jan Vogler At Dresden Music Festival

05.20.11 [Pics] More of Rain & Jan Vogler @ Dresden Music Festival

05.18.11 [Pic] Rain The Best Concert In Guangzhou, China

05.15.11 [Pics] The Best Concert In Taipei, Taiwan

05.14.11 [Pics] More of Rain At The Best Concert In Macau (40+ Pics)

05.15.11 [Pics] Rain @ The Best Concert in Taiwan

05.14.11 [Pics] More Rain ‘The Best’ Concert in Macau

05.14.11 [Pics] The Best Concert In Macau Press Conference

05.14.11 [Pics] The Best Macau Concert

05.14.11 [Pic] Rain Tweets Picture With Dancers In Macau

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