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05.25.11 [Notice] Important Announcement From 625EndlessRain

To our dear 625endlessrain/sixtofive1982 supporters:

It has been a difficult time for Jax and me to come to this conclusion, but we have decided that we will be discontinuing the site effective the month of June (more than likely by the time Rain winds down with his tours this month). There are many various reasons as to why we have made this decision, but we will not go into every single detail. Most are due to personal reasons; we both have families, personal commitments and jobs that require our fullest attention at this point of time. We feel that we are only able to commit lesser and lesser time to the site and thus not able to give you the fullest attention deserved. Jax and I have ran this site on our own for a long time, and truth be told, we are also tired and ready to move on to different ventures. We love Rain very much, and will continue to support him but at our own capacity, at our own time and with our own unbiased ways.

BIG THANK YOU for supporting us throughout this time, through our ups-and-downs, and from the bottom of our hearts, we are truly thankful for all the love and support you have continued to show us. We know that there are many up and coming Rain sites/forums out there, so we are honored that you have been our supporters. There is currently a whole new generation of Rain fans who are working tirelessly and whole-heartedly to spread the name and love of Rain and all that he stands for, and we are happy and contented to take a step back and let this fresh and creative generation take over. All Clouds are always united in Rain–no matter where or what circumstances or stages of lives that we may find ourselves in. We will always be Rain fans together. Again, thank you to EACH of you!

Deb & Jax

*Although we won’t be updating the site consistently anymore, the site will not be removed. Access to past archives will always be available.*

THANK YOU to those who have offered your help to take over the site, but we will not be accepting any offers to keep the site going….so sorry, please understand ❤

05.23.11 [EngTrans] Rain Tweeting with his Father

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