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05.12.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweet In English

05.09.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Father’s Tweet–Mentions Rain (*Eng Trans)

05.08.11 [Twitter] Tweets Between Rain & His Dad (Eng Trans)

05.07.11 [Clip] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 6 (*Updated With Eng Trans)

05.06.11 [Clip] Ent. Station News–Gangnam-gu Honorary Ambassador Presentation (Eng Trans)

05.04.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweet (Eng Trans)

04.28.11 [Clip] SBS Hamban TV–Rain’s Arrival At Incheon & TIME 100 Gala (With English Trans)

04.27.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweets (Eng Trans) & Picture With Singer ‘Sting’

04.23.11 [Clip] Rain’s Interview On KBS News9 About TIME 100 (Eng Trans)

04.23.11 [Clip] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 4 (*Updated With Eng Trans)

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