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05.30.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweets (Eng Trans)

05.21.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweets & Pictures (*Eng Trans)

05.18.11 [Clip] Rain tells Haechandle CF story (*Updated With Eng Trans)

*sorry, no translation for this yet!

Hi, everyone. This is Rain, a model of Haechandle.

I hope you’ll refresh yourselves with this ‘Haechandle’ Gochujang (red pepper paste) made from sun-dried red pepper created by nature, and hope you are all well and happy.

Thank you, and please support this guy Bi a lot, too.

Thank you.

Credit : ratoka @ Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVmDOhpaZjA
English translation by rain bird.

05.17.11 [Twitter] Rain’s Tweets (*Eng Trans)

05.10.11 [Clip] SBS “Strong Heart”–Actor Aun Joo-won Talks About Rain’s Good Deed (Eng Trans)

05.09.11 [Clip] Rain’s Interview On ehot Ent. News (*Eng Trans)

05.09.11 [Clip] Rain Message – ‘The Best’ Concert Taiwan (*Updated With Eng Trans)

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