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05.05.11 [allkpop] Red Muffler changes title to Soar: Close to the Sun

*I guess the name changes depending on who is translating,lol…sorry for the confusion (I’m still confused 0.o ,lol!)

We’ve been doing a lot of coverage on Rain’s new movie,”Red Muffler“, but now we’ll continue to do so under the movie’s new title, “Soar: Close to the Sun“.

To celebrate the official title, the producers released a still-cut featuring Rain, who plays the role of the passionate fighter pilot, ‘Jung Tae Hoon’. The shot is both dramatic and mysterious, which aligns perfectly with the film’s theme of illustrating the lives and dreams of fighter pilots – a profession that is little understood by the general public.

Producers have brought in a Hollywood filming team specializing specifically in aerospace technology. The team reportedly took part in films like “Inception” and “Dark Knight.”

Source: Mydaily via Nate //allkpop

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