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05.13.11 [Pic] “Flight: Close To The Sun” Picture

05.08.11 [Pic] “Flight: Close To The Sun” Group Picture

05.08.11 [Pic] “Flight: Close To The Sun” Movie

05.05.11 [HanCinema]”Red Muffler” confirmed to be “Flight: Close to the Sun”

Movie “Red Muffler” with Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) and Sin Se-kyeong has recently had its title changed to “Flight: Close to the Sun”.

“Flight: Close to the Sun” is about the lives and passion of air force fighters who risk their lives to fight in the sky.

On the still cut released on the 4th, fighter plane pilot Jeong Tae-hoon (Rain) is blended well into the picture of a combat plane under the setting sun.

As much as it’s an air action blockbuster tried in Korea for the first time, the still alone is about to release the fancy air actions and things to see on flight.

Rain who looks like a real air pilot, goes through a change in the movie, making it looked forward too.

To complete a perfect action scene, the movie “Flight: Close to the Sun” is by a big group of air filming team from Hollywood and the directors from “Inception”, “Con Air” “Dark Night” and other blockbusters.

source : http://www.hancinema.net/red-muf … -the-sun-29662.html

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