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05.27.11 [Eng Subs] Rain On German TV

05.27.11 [Clip] Rain On German TV–Dresden Music Festival

05.21.11 [Pics] Rain In Dresden German Newspapers

05.24.11 [Allkpop] Rain Makes A Dramatic Fashion Statement In Germany

Rain is out to prove that no matter where he goes, he’s always dressed like a top star. leopard-print shirt is quite a fashion statement!
Posting pictures onto his Twitter on May 21st, fans got to see the world star wearing a bold leopard-print shirt while roaming the streets of Germany.
While his style is fairly casual, he still managed to make some fangirl’s heart race by leaving the top part of his shirt unbuttoned.
In a separate tweet, Rain wrote, “After successfully finishing my concert in Germany, I am picking a meal from the menu. To celebrate, I ordered a cocktail ice cream. I almost died eating it. Hooni (Jung Ji Hoon) is in a great mood”. And with that, he uploaded a hilarious picture with both his arms and legs spread wide apart.

Seems like he’s having a great time in Germany! Have any of our German readers run into him yet?

Source: Arts News //allkpop

05.23.11 [soompi] Rain Fools Around in Germany: Drinks Out of Cocktail Glass Bigger than his Face

On Saturday, international star Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) tweeted photos of himself in Germany. In one photo, he is seen drinking out of a cocktail glass bigger than his face. Along with the pictures, he wrote, “Successfully finished my concert in Germany…and now I’m looking through the menu. I ordered a cocktail ice cream to toast my success, but I almost died trying to finish it. T.T ”

In the photos, Rain is seen at an outdoor café sporting a sunglass with a very sexy open buttoned leopard print top. The photo where he’s seen drinking out of a cocktail glass that is twice the size of his face has been attracting much attention among netizens.

Netizens commented, “The glass is bigger than his face!” “Definitely a fashion icon! Lovin’ the animal prints” and “That cocktail looks yummy!!!”

Recently, Rain participated in the Dresden Music Festival, one of Germany’s most celebrated festivals, and received a fusillade of encore requests after his performance.

source  : soompi

05.22.11 [Article] Dresden Music Festival 2011: Asian Pop Meets European Classic

english translation:

Dresdner Morgenpost – 21.05.2011 – S.17 – J.S.

Dresden Music Festival 2011: Asian Pop Meets European Classic

Scream Alert at Sempers

Dresden – A new experience in the solemn Semperoper: not a quiet devotion while expecting a musical experience, but a heated up emotional atmosphere reigned Thursday night, when the artful meeting of the chief director of the music festival Jan Vogler on the cello and the “South Korean King Of Pop” (“TIME Magazine”) Rain, took place. With his appearance a scream alert was scheduled.

It was his first stage performance in Europe – a sensation, not only for his fans. There were visitors from 25 countries, families were travelling from Japan, Korea and China. Teenies in Party-Chic, equipped with colorful light sticks, never-ending clicking cell phone cameras and plushies were part of the scenery. To every teasing dance move, every wink of the idol, hysterical screams were not far away. Some ladies in evening gowns must have felt being out of place.

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05.19.11 [Pic] Rain In Dresden

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