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05.16.11 [FanCam] Rain @ Macau Airport

05.13.11 [Fancam] Rain @ Thailand Airport

05.13.11 [Fancam] Rain recording after TIME 100 Gala Party in NY

Credit: scorpiola // scorpiolabibi @ youtube
Re-posting this video is fine but please do not edit it and do not re-upload it to any other online hosting players like youtube and etc., thanks!

05.09.11 [FanCam] Rain Speaking in Thai @ ‘The Best’ Concert

Rain is so cute when he say Rak na joob joob .. it means [love, kiss kiss] in thai language (From twitter)

Credit : PoR625@YT

04.16.11 [FanCam] Rain Leaving the Star River Hotel in Shanghai

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