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05.31.11 [FanCam] Rain after the concert

05.28.11 [FanCam] Rain @ MCM Grand Opening HK (Cocktail Party)

05.28.11 [Fancam] Rain after finishing rehearsal in Shanghai

05.26.11 [FanCam] Rain @ Shanghai Hotel Departure to Airport (8:11am)

05.25.11 [FanCam] Rain @ Shanghai Hotel Departure to Concert Hall (1:53pm)

05.25.11 [FanCam] Rain @ Shanghai Press Conf & Fan Meeting (25mins)

05.25.11 [FanCam] Rain leaving Indoor Stadium in Singapore

05.23.11 [FanCams] ‘The Best’ Concert in Singapore

05.20.11 [Fancam] Rain in Dresden shopping

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