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05.19.11 [Pics] Rain Fans At Dresden Music Festival

Fans of the Rains get ready! 500 albums have been received from Korea and will be distributed to the victims of the earthquake disaster in Japan in the theater space for a donation. The tension mounts!

Source: Dresdner Musikfestspiele

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05.12.11 [Info] Rain’s Fanmeeting In Shanghai On May 24th

source 1 : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1071637400
source 2 : http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=298944&page=1&bbs=

May 24 Rain a fan meeting in Shanghai  will be held in the afternoon.

Time approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.
주최측을 맞이하여 통지한다,.
정하여 5월 24일 오후에 한 개 팬미팅을 개최한다,.
주제에 “잠시 이별한” 또는 “약속”이 또한 협의 검토하려고 한다.
시간이 대략 30분이다  ~ 1시간 .
현재 이미 내용을 안다 :.
1,RAIN은 일부의 지금까지 공개한 적이 없는 비디오 자료가 모두에게 감상을 주는 것을 가져올 수 있다.
2,RAIN은 일부의 자신이 소중히 보존한 물품을 내놓아 현장에서 팬에게 줄 수 있다.
3,주최하여 적합한 매체가 생중계를 하는 것을 선택할 수 있다.
방법에 참여한다 :.
기본 조건: 반드시 525 상하이 콘서트의 티켓 구매자이어야 하고, 원칙적으로 운팔기 회원은 동등한 조건 하에 우선한다.
입장 인원은 한계가 있기 때문이고(미정) , 바이두 RAIN은 바에서 얻는 입장 정원(미정)이 RAIN 바 집단 티켓 구매에 참여한 구름에서 뽑아 낼 것이다 .

04.15.11 [Info] Please Be Sure To Keep Voting For Rain Until April 21st

At the 2011 Time 100 Poll, please be sure to keep voting for Rain until 21 April..

The reason for why we have to continue to vote for Rain :

In 2008, Rain was supposed to win the second as the voting closed, but the voting actually closed a bit later as it had been extended for another weeks. Eventually, he ranked third because the voting page was being continually opened by that. It was also partly because of what we neglected to vote for him because we thought the voting entirely finished.

In addition, many fans of both the candidates ranking number two and three have been slinging mud at Rain, spreading vicious rumors about him. Just for that reason, we have to keep voting for him harder until the closing date for the poll that is 21April. Just now, his name is topping the list in first place, but the results may vary depending on the circumstances. That’s why we need to keep voting for him until 21April.

Credit to duftk @ benamoo http://cafe.daum.net/benamoo?t__nil_cafemy=item
English translation by rain bird.

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