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05.11.11 [Info] Rain 2011 Premier Lotte Fan Meeting In Seoul For Three Days

05.04.11 [Pics] Rain At Gangnam-Gu Office, Seoul

05.04.11 [20+Pics] Rain Appointed Ambassador Of Gangnam-Gu In Seoul

05.03.11 [Asia Economy] Rain Named An Honorary Ambassador For Seoul’s Gangnam-gu

Rain has been named an honorary ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam-gu area, and a presentation naming him the work will be held in a meeting room inside Gangnam-gu office on 4 May, at 10am.

Rain won’t be paid for this work. It was said that he was pleased to accept their offer when they asked him to work without pay.

Rain has recently grabbed world headlines by being chosen as one of the 2011 Time 100 final list.

Credit to Asia Economy http://news.nate.com/view/20110503n03785

Brief translation by rain bird.

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