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05.19.11 [Newsen] Rain becomes the first Korean to participate in German Dresden Music Festival

Becoming the first person from Korea to participate in German Dresden Music Festival on May 19th, world star Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) will show new performances to the public at Semperoper (opera house) where the festival will be held.

According to Rain’s agent, “Rain’s come to be on stage at the Dresden Music Festival as he’s been asked to perform with ‘Jan Vogler’, a world-class cellist and executive director for the festival.”

It is extremely unusual for a pop singer to be on stage at the Dresden Music Festival, and this has been the first try of ‘Jan Vogler’ who has a lot of concern for Oriental culture since he changed its original theme while placing emphasis on a reversal in international aspects.

Meanwhile, even though they’ve decided to break with the long tradition and tried something new where pop singer Rain’ll perform with the symphony orchestra, the concert tickets are known to be sold out.

Credit to Newsen http://news.nate.com/view/20110519n24472?pcview=1

Brief translation by rain bird.

05.13.11 [Fancam] Rain @ Thailand Airport

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