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05.25.11 [scanationsg] It’s RAIN-ing in Singapore

4 years later, Rain hits sunny island again!

With jaw-dropping prices during Rain’s 2007 concert, fans this time were relieved to know that they only had to pay $288 for the front row seats to ‘THE BEST 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore’.

Cheaper = less spectacular? Nah! The cost of the concert itself cost a whopping SGD 1.5million! And of course including an extensive crew of 120 people!

When asked to choose between movies, performing and producing boy bands (MBLAQ’s producer is Rain), he said that it was like choosing between his mother and father!

Water Conservation, being the theme for the Singapore stop of Rain’s Asia tour, Water Wally from the Public Utilies Board (PUB) paid a special visit. It presented Rain with a certificate ‘Friend of Water’! Rain sure is a friend of water!

More water came down during the 2.5 minute rain on stage with Rain’s impressive vocals that melted the hearts of the audience.

During My Girl, Rain picked a toddler from the sea of fans but was rejected! Refusing to give up, he pointed at the toddler again during the finale and even said ‘My baby, I’m ready for you!’

Even a technical glitch during ‘It’s Raining’ could not stop the other fans that were ready to show their never ending support for him! Rain responded to their love with his declaration ‘I love Singapore, Chilli Crab, Butter crab …”

Goofing around together with his other 10 dancers, Rain ended the concert with one of his hits ‘Bad Boy!’

I’m sure his fans left the concert, thoroughly drenched with satisfaction!

The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore is jointly organized by J Tune Entertainment and
CJ E&M from Korea as well as Faith & D Entertainment from Singapore.

Followings are the partners who have contributed extensively to the success of The Best
2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore.

Supported By:
Korean Tourism Organization

Official Card:
OCBC Titanium Card

Official Partners:
Marina Bay Sands
Bugis Junction
City Tours

source : http://scanationsg.wordpress.com … n-ing-in-singapore/

2 responses to “05.25.11 [scanationsg] It’s RAIN-ing in Singapore

  1. CJ May 25, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Yes Rain delivered yet another explosive performance! I was just a spectator and yet I felt so tired after the concert and almost lost my voice halfway into the show. There were much less “light” moments in this concert compared to LOR and so it’s a mystery to me how Rain managed to single handedly carry on a 2-hour show with no long breaks and considering his dance routines. Everybody I talked to after the show felt the same way I did…it ended too soon…yes even after 2 hours and 20 or so songs, we “just couldn’t get enough!”

  2. pluie625 May 25, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Nice article…and all the articles that I’ve read so far, they’re all saying high praises to Rain’s performance and I think he’s having more fun now than before, he’s more relaxed now, more confident…but he still gives his all….I just wish the ticket sales in his upcoming concerts will not be as that in Singapore.

    I wish I could watch one of his concerts before he enters the military…

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